F   I   C   T   I   O   N 

I Am a Gun

I am a gun and you love me. I cannot love you back but I wait, I wait for your caress. Your gentle or firm caress, it doesn’t matter.

I am used to waiting for you. I know that you will admire my lines and hold me in your hands or cradle me in your arms. You love and admire me for my power. All I know is that when your finger probes, then pulls on my T-spot, I explode in a fiery climactic ecstasy. It doesn’t matter in which direction. I don’t care where or when. You have total control and I wait for those moments where I can be and do what I was made for. I will sing my song.

I am nothing without you, they say, but that is not really so because you love me and you depend on me and you may even worship me. When you feed me and fill me I will be ready. My wait won’t be long. I am at your service and I long for your touch.